Exporting homepages data

To export homepages data:

  1. Open the Administration tool, and open the Export page.
  2. Select the data categories to include in the exported zip file. By default, all categories are included.
  3. Click Export to start the export.
  4. Review the information messages at the bottom of the page. When Export operation successful is displayed, the export is completed.
  5. Click Download to download the exported data.

Be aware of the relationship between pages and widgets. The export is not a thorough copy of a page and all the widgets, but only the page data. For a page to work in a target environment, the same widgets must be available.


Be aware of the relationship between Infor Ming.le distribution groups, users, and permissions. If rules and permissions are exported, these entities must exist in the target environment as well.


Perform a full export only during off hours or a service window.


Filters for pages and widgets use the default title that is the title in the Administration tool listings but not necessarily the title displayed in the catalogs.