Adding permissions

To add permissions:

  1. Open the Administration tool, and open the Standard Widgets page or the Published Widgets page, depending on the widget type for which you want to edit permissions.
  2. Locate and select the widget, click the Actions menu, and click Edit Permissions.
  3. In the Widget Permissions dialog, change the value in the drop-down for the Everyone row to change the default permissions for all users.
  4. To add other permissions, complete these steps:
    1. Select User, Role, or Group, as required.
    2. Click the Search field and start typing the name of the user, role, or group. The results are displayed in a drop-down list. To narrow the search, enter more characters. If no results are shown, confirm that you selected the correct User, Role, or Group option.
    3. Select the user, role, or group from the search result to add it to the list below the Everyone row.
    4. Set the Access Level. For more information about access levels, see Understanding permissions for widgets.
    5. Select if the widget should be displayed in the Widget Catalog.
    6. Repeat these steps to add more user, role, and group permissions.
  5. Click Save.