Working with the Administration tool

The Administration tool enables you to configure how the Homepages application works and to manage content such as published pages and widgets. When you work with the Administration tabs, selections that you make to change the sort order of the lists or to filter the lists are stored.

The Administration tools have a page for each area:

Home View content cards with page links.
Settings View and edit settings.
Features View and edit features.
Properties View and edit properties.
Private pages Manage private pages.
Published pages Manage published pages.
Standard pages Manage standard pages.
Dynamic pages Manage dynamic pages.
Archive Manage page archive.
Published widgets Manage published widgets.
Standard widgets Manage standard widgets.
Early access widgets Manage early access widgets.
Featured content Manage featured content.
Featured pages Manage featured pages.
Featured widgets Manage featured widgets.
Featured banner widgets Manage featured banner widgets.
Tags Manage page and widget tags.
Announcements Manage announcements.
Security policies Manage security policies.
Import Import settings and content.
ExportExport settings and content.
Bulk delete Bulk delete settings and content.