Search results

When a search is performed, each event is displayed in a separate tile that shows the entity ID and the transaction name.

Search results can be viewed in ascending or descending order and can be sorted by date and time or by severity by using the controls in the upper right of the results area.

You can click the tiles to display these audit event details:

Field Description
Tenant ID The name of the tenant where the event occurred.
Session ID The session ID of the event creator when the audited action was performed.
Event Creator The user who performed the audited action.
Creator Permissions This shows the application permission that allowed the event creator to perform the action. For example, for IFS related events, the permission is the user’s security role.
Transaction Name The name of the action.
Log Time The date and time the event occurred.
Remote IP Address The IP address of the event creator.
Outcome The outcome of the event. Valid values are:
  • Success
  • Failed
  • Exception
Audit Event Type The type of the event.
Severity The severity of the action. Valid values can be:
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Critical
Logical ID The logical ID of the application where the event occurred.
Entity Type The entity type that the event affected.
Entity ID The entity ID that the event affected. Hovering over the ellipsis shows all the entity details.
Before Update This shows the data before the action took place. The fields that are changed are highlighted.
After Update This shows the data after the action took place. The fields that are changed are highlighted.