Locating published widgets

You can search, sort, and filter to locate published widgets. You can use these options individually or in combination, depending on the scenario.

  • Search

    Use the search field to search within the title, description, and tags for all published widgets. The search field does not support wild cards. Any widget that contains the search text is considered a match. You can also use the search field to search by the widget ID, which is the unique identifier of a published widget. When you search by widget ID, the complete ID is required to find a match. The published widgets list displays one row if the widget is found.

    For information on how to locate the widget ID, see Locating the widget ID of a widget.

  • Sort

    You can sort based on title or change date. Use this option to find recently updated widgets. The sort option does not affect which widgets are displayed, only the order by which the widgets are retrieved. The default is Title A-Z.

  • Filter

    You can filter what widgets are displayed, based on who made the last change, the owner, or restrictions of a widgets. Use the filter option to find all published widgets created by a user or to find all restricted widgets.When one or more filters are in use, There are active filters. is displayed at the bottom of the list next to a Clear all option, available for deactivating the filters.