Enabling a feature

  1. Using the Tenant Toolbox, select System configuration > Feature toggles.
  2. Select the Is Enabled box of any of the feature that you want to enable.
    Feature Default Toggle setting Description
    Email Domain Selection On This feature is used to display the UI when selecting a valid email in the Tenant Toolbox.
    Move subfilters up and down in the list On This feature is used to display buttons for moving up or down a subfilter in the list.
    OfflineEquipmentAccount table for Base Data On This feature is used to add OfflineEquipmentAccount to improve base data performance.
    Additional information on notebook search result On This feature is used to display the account and other additional information on notebook search result.
    Standard integration of MMORDT Off This feature is used for initial loading and standard integration for MMORDT (MOS120 parameters).
    Display additional levels in Business chain On This feature is used to support nine (9) chain levels within the Business chain.
    Display Calendar and Date picker labels based on System or User language On This feature is used to display text labels in the Calendar and Date picker based on the system and user language.
    Misc Cost Reporting with Status 10 Off This feature is used to allow the administrator to specify the cost price in M3 prior to approval.
    CMAILB Application Message Integration On This feature is used in the integration for processing CMAILB Application Message events.
    Extending locale selection On This feature includes all possible locales in the Locale drop-down list. This feature also has an information icon that displays the format of the selected locale.
    Handling WOs with order category 20 Off This feature provides additional handling for assignments with Work Order Type 20 (Dispatched to MFS).
    Creating of WO/WR for services with order category 20 Off This feature includes order category 20 in the Service drop-down list when parameter 365 in MOS120 is selected.
    Handle M3 project management work orders On This feature handles project management work orders dispatched from M3 and displays the work orders in MFS.
    Certificate view in tool box On This feature shows certificate details to check valitdity.
    Use EventHubSubscriptionOverride table On This feature starts Standard Integration (for all or selected tables) only after initial load is run.
    Enable UTCM flag for M3 API Off This feature retrieves the date and time from M3 in UTC format.
    Attribute value description Off This feature syncs and displays attribute value description in MFS.
  3. Click Yes to enable the feature.