Removing component in As Built structure

  1. Select an operation that has an equipment with As Built structure and installed components.
  2. Tap or click View As Built Structure.
  3. Select a component.
  4. In the As Built tree, select Option > Remove.
  5. Specify this information:
    Transaction type
    Select the transaction type for the removal of the component. The default value is based on the transaction type set in the Toolbox parameter.
    Transaction date and time
    Specify the date and time the component removal occurred..
    Select the warehouse from the list. The default value is based on the warehouse of the main equipment.
    Transaction reason
    Select the reason of the component removal from the list. The default value is based on the selected transaction type.
    To location
    Select the location where the removed component is placed.
    Optionally, you can specify additional information or remarks.
  6. Tap or click Save. If you opt to discontinue, click Cancel.
    Note: To view the list of main equipment warehouse, ensure that technicians are allowed to view all the warehouses in the facility. To configure the warehouse list setting, contact your administrator.