Confirming cancellation of work order

When a work order (WO) is deleted from M3, the mobility status of the WO operation of the WO is Cancelled.

When the WO operation is opened, the user is prompted with a message that the WO and all of its pending transactions are cancelled with the option to confirm.

All pending and failed transactions filed by the user against the WO operation is flagged as Cancelled or Deleted and can no longer be processed.

When technician confirms:
  • WO operation is removed from the Agenda list.
  • All transactions in cache related to the WO operation gets cleared.
  • A new MTM transaction Delete Work Order logs the confirmation of WO deletion once all of the WO operation of the WO is confirmed.
    Note: In EventHub Subscription, MMOHED M3 table must have an Update (U) subscribed event for the client app to receive the deletion of a WO.