Declining an operation

  1. Select an operation.
  2. Tap or click the status then select Decline.
    A prompt is displayed when there are still pending time reports that are not yet submitted to the back office. The prompt displays time reports with these status:
    • 0 - Draft
    • 9 - Split
    • 10 - Definite
    • 15 - Rejected
    Note: Expect a prompt about failed transactions in the Mobility Transaction Manager for Time Reports and As Built transactions prior to status change. Failed transactions in Mobility Transaction Manager will only be checked if user is online.
  3. Optionally, the user can submit the pending time reports to the back office or opt not to proceed with setting the operation status to Decline.
  4. After confirmation of pending time reports, specify the Reason Code and the Reason Text.

    The values on the Reason Text field depends on the selected Reason Code. You can specify a new value in the Reason Text field.

  5. Tap or click OK.
    Note: An operation is removed from the Appointment List after it has been successfully rejected.