Confirming cancellation of WO operation element type 1 or 2

When Op Element type 1 (Work element) or 2 (Work element - descriptive) of a dispatched Work Order is deleted from M3, the mobility status of the WO Operation is Cancelled.

When the WO Operation is opened, the user is prompted with a message that the operation is deallocated from the user and all of its pending transactions are cancelled with the option to confirm.

When technician confirms:
  • WO Operation is removed from the Agenda list.
  • All transactions in cache related to the WO Operation gets cleared.
  • All pending and failed transactions filed by the user against the WO Operation are flagged as Cancelled or Deleted and can longer be processed.
Note: In EventHub Subscription, MMOOPS M3 table must have a Delete (D) subscribed event for the client app to receive the delete updates from M3.