Updating a user account

The values for M3 User Name and M3 Sales person identifier should be in uppercase letters.
  1. Select User maintenance > User.
  2. Optionally, you can search or sort users.
    • To Search: Specify the search criteria and press Enter.
    • To Sort: Click the specific column to sort the users in ascending or descending order.
  3. Select a user.
  4. Update any of this information:
    First name
    Specify the first name of the user.
    Specify the last name of the user.
    Login name
    Specify the login name to be used when logging in to the application using any client and to M3 Mobility Core Toolbox. This login name is usually the same as the Windows network login name as set in ActiveDirectory.
    M3 User name
    Specify the M3 user name (CMNUSR) that will be used by the Mobility Core. The M3 User name is used in accessing the M3 Business Engine to retrieve M3 data or to post data to M3.
    M3 Sales person identifier
    Specify if the user has an M3 Salesperson record in M3 Salesperson.Open program.
    Employee number
    Specify the employee number if not yet retrieved through importing M3 users from M3 company. You are required to specify a value for this field.
    See Importing users from M3 company.
    Organisation unit
    Select from the list.
    Select the default language for the selected user from the list.

    If additional language is needed, see Adding a language.

    Specify the address of the user.
    Specify the ZIP code.
    Specify the city.
    Select from the list of countries.
    Specify the state.
    Select from the list of districts.
    Specify the phone number.
    Specify the fax number.
    Specify the mobile number of the user.
    Specify the email address of the user.
    Note: You must specify the User Principal Name (UPN) as the email value in the Toolbox for SSO login when the email address in this field is different from the UPN in Infor Federation Service (IFS). Consult your IFS administrator for this information.
    Business Area
    Select from the list of business areas.
    Specify a facility for the user. You are required to specify a value for this field.
    Select from the list of currencies.
    Select from the list of timezones.
  5. Click Save.