Configurations in M3 BE

The administrator must perform these configurations in M3 BE:

  • M3 - Work Order Types (MOS120)
    • The work order types must be category 20, 70, or 71.
    • Parameter 70 : Create MCO line automatically is usually set to 3.
    • Parameter 096: Required service error report is set to 0 - Not required. The MFS app requires the technician to submit a service error report for each work order operation.
    • Parameter 193 : Close WO without displaying MOS050 is usually selected.
    • Parameter 210: Dispatch policy if doing order initiated lines.
    • Parameter 211 : Delayed material issue is usually selected.
    • Parameter 240: Dispatch policy for field service is defined for mobile warehouse.
    • Parameter 365: Dispatch to MFS is selected for category 20 work order type.
    • Parameter 380: Required approval of time transactions is set to 0 - Not required unless you intend to allow back office to approve time transactions.
      Note:  It is critical for back office to set Verify operation closing (VEOC) in PDS010 to 1 when approving time.
    • Parameter 390: Employee required when reporting operation is selected.
    • Parameter 410: Check operation start is set to 3 - Started/Not Started.
    • Parameter 450: Document variant is usually set to 10-MRO.
    • Parameter 490: Default purchase order type for order initiated is defined.
    • Parameter 491: Default distribution order type for order initiated is defined.
  • M3 - Employees (CRS530)

    The G panel includes the warehouse and location fields.

  • M3 - Miscellaneous Costs (COS160)

    Required approvals are usually off unless you intend to approve the costs in M3 first before the Field Service Technician can close the MFS operation.

  • M3 - Equipment/Item (MMS240)

    Equipment accounts are set through this configuration.

  • M3 - Time zone (DRS045)

    Time zone is used as reference when converting date and time retrieved from M3. It is also used by M3 Mobility Core as reference when posting date and time to M3 APIs. You must specify &SYS for the current year.

  • M3 - Maintenance Settings (CRS788)
    • Parameter 00: Consolidated facility is defined if you intend the technician to refer to the services under this facility. The Facility in Field Service Settings parameters are set with the same value.
    • Parameter 049: Miscellaneous cost defined as item is selected.
  • M3 - Employee Allocation (CBS020): Define per order type on how employees are allocated to the work order operation upon generation. The employee allocation are set to 3 - Auto when work order is created. Do not select the required capability because the app does not support capability checking.
  • Material Receipt parameters: Dispatch Policy, Goods Receiving Method, Package based receiving, and others.
Note: Only work orders and maintenance customer orders are supported, not service orders.