Flagging the work as completed

Ensure to enable Handling of WO/Op when completed in M3 feature in M3 Mobility Core Tenant Toolbox. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

  1. Select an operation.
  2. Tap or click the status and select Complete Work.

    A prompt is displayed when there are still pending time reports that are not yet submitted to the back office. The prompt displays time reports with these status:

    • 10: Definite
    • 15: Rejected
    Note: Expect a prompt about pending lines and failed transactions in the Mobility Transaction Manager for Time Reports and As Built transactions prior to status change. Failed transactions in Mobility Transaction Manager will only be checked if user is online.

    After setting the operation status to Complete Work, the operation is removed from the appointment list if no error is encountered during work completion. The Work Complete transaction closes the work order operation.

    If an error occurs during work completion, the operation is retained from the appointment list and a warning icon is displayed that redirects the user to Transaction viewer.

    If back office needs to approve transactions, the operation is retained in the Appointment list until all pending for approval transactions are approved.