Adding a material line for used non-stock item

  1. On the Materials tab, tap or click the plus button.
  2. On the Add Material Line screen, clear the Inventory accounted check box.

    This sets the screen to display columns that can only be update when adding a non-stock material.

  3. Select a product.
    In the Product field, select from the list of non-stock items from the local database.
    The Item Number and the Item Name are displayed for each selection.
    Note: You can scan the item barcode by clicking or tapping the barcode icon.
    These columns are set for non-stock after selecting the product:
    • Component Number
    • Description
    • Basic unit of measure
    • Lot control method
  4. Optionally, you can update the description by describing the non stock item being reported.
    Using a generic component number for non-stock can have a default item description but you can still update the description to briefly describe the non-stock item.
  5. Specify the Quantity (ordered) column.
  6. To save the record, tap or click SAVE. If you opt to discontinue the transaction, click CANCEL.