Adding a material line item search

  1. In the Materials tab, tap or click the plus button.
  2. In the Add Material screen, tap or click the Warehouse icon and select which warehouse to search from.

    When in offline mode, only the Van Warehouse and Non-stock items are displayed as options.

  3. In Search query, specify the criteria and click Go.
  4. In Add Material Item Search, select a product to add.
    Column name Description
    Item ID/Item Name This column shows the corresponding item ID and item name of a product.
    Quantity This column shows the number or quantity of the product. Default value is 1.
    Unit This column shows the standard of measurement of the product.
    Stock This column displays the total available quantity of a product.
    Line Type Line types includes:
    • 0: Normal order or a normal material issue.
    • 1: Order initiated purchase order (PO). Creates a PO proposal for delivery to the normal warehouse.
    • 2: Direct delivery PO. Creates a PO proposal for delivery to various addresses such as the customer or the technician's home.
    • 3: Distributed distribution order (DO). Creates a DO to deliver parts to an address.
    Cart Click the Cart icon to add a product into the cart.
    Spillover Click ... to view the image of the product.
  5. To save the added items, tap My Cart > Add Materials.

    A toast message is displayed when items are successfully added to the current inventory.