Filing a service report

When work order type used has a parameter 096 set to either 1 or 2, a work order service error report in MOS057 is auto-generated making this as the MAIN. It is critical for the app to consider the reported service report as MAIN or back office will process the auto-generated service report in order to close the operation. You are recommended to set the parameter to 0 to avoid any additional process.

  1. Select an operation.
  2. In the Service Report tab, tap or click Edit.
  3. Specify this information:
    Item Causing Failure
    Select the item that causes failure.
    Item Causing Failure description
    Provide a short description about the item causing the failure.
    Error Code 1
    Specify the Error Code 1 and text.
    Error Code 2
    Specify the Error Code 2 and text.
    Error Code 3
    Specify the Error Code 3 and text.
    Service Repair notes
    Provide service repair notes.
    Breakdown date and time
    Specify the date and time of the equipment breakdown.
    Equipment in production - date and time
    Select the date and time when the equipment is ready.
    Machine ready date and time
    Select the date and time when the equipment is ready for use.
    Main service
    By default, this field is not available.

    See how to add the Main Service check box in Infor Mobility for Field Service Administration Guide.

    Select this option to indicate the main service error report when several error reports exist for the same work order. If the Main Service check box is not displayed in the dialog, the service report is immediately flagged as main.
  4. To save the record, tap or click Save. If you opt to discontinue the transaction, click CANCEL.