Action menu - Operation details

This table shows the items on the Action menu:



Create New Operation

Use to create a new operation under the selected work order which is dispatched to you or assigned to another technician.

Capture Image

Captures images related to the work performed. Images are saved in the document repository (IDM).

See Capturing images for the detailed steps.

See the Supported file types for the list of supported files.

Print document

Triggers the generation of reports in M3 which is mailed to the Field Service Technician and to the contact person.

These are the documents that are triggered for printing in M3:

View attached documents

Use this to view documents related to the equipment, the service, or the work order.

These are the attachments that are retrieved from IDM:

  • equipment drawings
  • equipment related documents
  • work order related documents
  • service related documents
  • captured images
  • recorded videos
  • attached files from app

See Supported file types.

Record Video

Displays the camera of the device with an option to capture a video. Once done capturing a video, the technician has an option to add a comment before uploading the file.

To capture a video, see Capturing a video.

See the Supported file types.

Attach File Uploads files saved in the device against the service assignment.

See Supported file types .