Material Receipt list

The Material Receipt List displays information about purchase order lines, distribution order lines, and DO line in a package. Information varies depending on the selected record. The list are order-initiated requests that were processed in M3 in the back office where the order quantities are either moved or delivered to the technician's van warehouse or assigned location in a main warehouse.

See the Infor Mobility for Field Service Administration Guide for additional information.

This table shows items that you can access in the Material Receipt List screen:



Edit icon

Use to update the selected purchase order line, distribution order line or DO line in a package.

Filter options

Use to filter the display of material receipt list on the navigation pane. Default filters include:

  • All
  • Unconfirmed
  • Open
  • Received
  • Partially Received
  • PO Lines
  • DO Lines
  • Package Lines

This table shows the other menu options available:

Menu option


Search icon (magnifying glass)

Use to search a record displayed as PO line, DO line or a DO line in a package. The Field Service Technician can opt to scan a barcode to set the value of the search field.

Refresh option

Use to update the material receipt list with new or updated record for the PO line, DO line or DO line in a package delivered to the technician's van warehouse.