Van Inventory list

The Van Inventory List screen displays information about van inventory. Information varies and depends on the tab that is selected.

By default, Van Inventory list is included in the Navigation menu option.

The Van Inventory List and its related information are loaded initially in the client application and saved in a local database.

See the Infor Mobility for Field Service Administration Guide for additional information.

This table show the tabs and the information that is displayed on the Van Inventory List screen:




The basic information of a van inventory item including stocking and warehousing information.

Stock Locations

A list of warehouse locations with approved quantities.

This table shows the other menu options available:

Menu option


Search icon (magnifying glass)

Use to search item records that matches the value specified against a defined filter that retrieves record from the application's base data. Field Service Technician can scan a barcode to set the value of the search field.

Refresh option

Use to retrieve new or updated records for the van warehouse items and its related information from the MFS database.