Appointment list

The Appointment List screen is displayed after a successful sign-in.

The Appointment List screen displays the tasks that you can perform within a day or for a certain period of time. Each appointment record returned by the appointment filter defined in the M3 Mobility Core Toolbox is displayed as a card stacked over the other appointment records. The operation card is placed on top of the appointment that matches the selected date in the calendar picker based on the planned start date.

By default, the list displays the operation cards according to its start date and time. You can also manage the view of the listed appointments by sorting them according to your preferred sorting criteria using the Sort option from the toolbar menu.

This table shows the items that you have access to in the Appointment List screen:

Menu or item


Navigation Menu icon (Three horizontal lines)

Use to access these menus and items:

  • User Profile
  • Application Log
  • Offline Mode
  • My Appointments
  • Material Receipt
  • Customers
  • Equipment
  • Van Inventory
  • Transaction Viewer
  • Sign Out
  • Copyright information and MFS app version

See Navigation menu.

Search icon (Magnifying glass)

Use to search appointment record that matches the specified value.

Technicians have the option to scan bar codes that are used as the search value.

Calendar icon

Use to expand the calendar into a four-week view or collapse the calendar to a one week view.

Sort icon (Arrow up and down with three horizontal lines)

Use to change the sort order.

Action Menu icon (Three vertical dots)

Use to display these menus:

  • Refresh

    Use to retrieve an updated appointment list based on the designed filter from the MFS database.

  • Sort

    Use to group the appointment list by a particular column defined in the filter with a card view index of greater than or equal to 0.

  • Select Operations for offline view

    Use to load the operation information as well as the related data through the defined filters and child filters in the dialog which is then made available for viewing when offline.

  • Create Operation

    Use to create a new operation dispatched to you or to another user against an open work order.

  • Create Work Order

    Use to create a new work order and at the same time an operation, depending on the service definition, dispatched to you.

  • Create Work Request

    Use to create a new work request which are viewed as an operation in the Appointment List temporarily assigned to you.

  • Resend Transactions

    Use to resend transactions that failed to be sent out for processing. When an error is encountered during processing of the transaction, a red dot is shown.

Calendar picker

Use to sort the display of operations based on the picked date.