Combo box list display parameters

You can only use this parameter when a particular column is defined as a combo box and retrieves records from client application data as drop down list.
Note: Column to display a list of records from the client application data must be part of the query parameter that needs to be set with value. CODE columns do not require defining a list as it automatically retrieves its list from the Code table.

JSON Identifier: MFS@DisplayList



Possible values


These are the columns shown in the drop-down list. These columns becomes searchable. This is the SELECT statement in the client's query to the local database.

["Table.column, Table.column,…"]


This parameter indicates the tables where records are retrieved from.

["Table, Table",..]

Join or LeftJoin

This parameters join two or more tables to retrieve the record from. This is for the FROM statement in the client's query to the local database.

Note: The key column of the table is always defined as "PrimaryKey" as column reference. The joining columns are defined depending on the order of the tables in the "Tbl" property.

["Table.column, Table.column"] OR ["Table.column, Table.column"],["Table.column, Table.column"]


This parameter defines what records are to be displayed or not. This is for the WHERE statement in the client's query to the local database.
Note: When defining a single filter, only "Ftr" is used. This would contain the column, the operator, and the value or column to take the value from. When defining multiple filters, the "Ftr", "Val" and "Op" are used. "Ftr" only contains the column and the operator. Each corresponding entry is separated by comma.

["Table.column=Table.column"] OR ["Table.column=(value)"] OR ["Table.column=","Table.column!=", "Table.column",...]


This parameter is only used for multiple filters. This is where to define the value for the columns to be used as filter. It can be a column name to flag the application to consider the current value. The values separated by a comma corresponds to the order of the filter columns defined in "Ftr".

["Table.column", "(value)", "IS NULL",...]


This parameter is only used for multiple filters. This parameter defines how filters are joined in the WHERE statement.

Note:  A single operator is used to connect all of the filters defined.

"AND" or "OR"


This parameter defines which column to be set with a value based on the record retrieved and selected. The columns are included in the SELECT statement.

["Table.column"] OR ["Table.column", "Table.column",...]


This parameter is used when the primary key of the first table defined in "Tbl" is not used as a value but uses another column from the same first table instead.



This parameter clears a certain column value when a record has been selected.

["Table.column"] OR ["Table.column", "Table.column",...]


This parameter defines which records to display. This is for the WHERE clause in the client's query to the local database. If this parameter is defined, the Ftr parameter is ignored. This parameter allows greater control over the groupings of conditions in the WHERE clause.

The BTreeFilter must be a Boolean element with an Op, Left, and Right elements. The Op element only accepts "OR" or "AND". The Left and Right elements are Boolean elements or Condition elements. Condition Elements must contain Ftr and Val elements.

See this example:

MFS@DisplayList={"Col":["Product.ProductNo","ProductDescription.ProductName"],"Tbl":["ProductDescription","Product","ProductWarehouse"],"LeftJoin":[["ProductID","PrimaryKey"],["PrimaryKey","ProductID"]],"Ftr":["ProductWarehouse.WarehouseID=","ProductWarehouse.WarehouseLocationID","Product.ItemCategory","Product.ItemGroupID=","Product.ItemTypeCODE=","Product.InventoryAccounting="],"Val":["ServiceLine.WarehouseID","IS NULL","IN (0,4,7)","Product.ItemGroupID","Product.ItemTypeCODE","Product.InventoryAccounting"],"Op":["AND"],"SetVal":["ProductWarehouse.StockQuantity","Product.BasicUnitCODE=ServiceLine.QtyBasicUnitCODE","ProductDescription.ProductName=ServiceLine.ProductName","Product.ProductNo=ServiceLine.ProductNo","ProductWarehouse.IssueMethod=ServiceLine.IssueMethod","Product.LotControl","Product.ItemTypeCODE","Product.ItemGroupID","Product.SalesPrice=ServiceLine.SalesPrice"],"Pk":"Product.ProductID","Clr":["ServiceLine.SerialNumber"]}