Setting the Customer-Opportunity tab

You must set up Customer-Opportunity through the M3 Mobility Core Toolbox to display the Opportunities tab in the MFS Mobile app.

  1. Select System Configuration > Dialog design.
  2. Select Account with Form Factor Tablet version 0 and create a copy.
  3. Select copied account with Form Factor Tablet.
  4. Navigate to Dialog Layout.
  5. Click New Group.
  6. Select the new group and click Edit Group.
  7. Specify Opportunities.
  8. Click Close.
  9. In the Dialog Layout panel, update the Section details with this information:
    Number of Columns
    Specify 1 as the number of columns.
    Header Text
    Keep this field blank.
  10. In the Opportunities SubTable, select Misc Controls.
  11. Select Filter List.
  12. Click the right arrow.
  13. Click the ellipsis button.
  14. Select (MFS-MAI)Customer - Opportunity from the filter group list.
  15. Save the dialog design.
    Note: To enable the + button in the Opportunity tab in MFS, Application type should be CLM+EQM+Field service. To set the application type, see Setting the application type in Mobility Core Toolbox.
  16. Select Roles tab.
  17. Click Yes to confirm.
  18. Select a role from the list and move to Selected roles.
  19. Reselect the Equipment dialog.