Setting the service history

Before setting up service history, ensure that the number of jobs for service history in the Toolbox has a value.

To set the number of jobs for service history in Field Service settings, see Configuring Field Service settings.

  1. Using the M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select System configuration > Dialog design.
  2. From the Main table, select the row with these details:
    • Main Table: Equipment
    • Form factor: Tablet
    • Version: 0
    • Name: Equipment details
    • Locked: Locked
  3. Click Copy.
  4. Click Yes.
  5. Select the copied Equipment dialog and proceed to the Dialog layout tab.
  6. Under Groups, click Service History.
  7. Remove FilterListControl from Dialog layout.
  8. Under Misc controls folder, look for Equipment service history control and click the right arrow.
  9. Select Roles tab.
  10. Select a role from the list and move to Selected roles.
  11. Reselect the Equipment dialog.
  12. Click Yes to confirm.