Mobility for Field Service roles

Roles are used to group users for access to different information in your application. The role is connected to a specific dialog, dashboard, report or file and each user is assigned a specific role. For a user to be able to use any of these information, he or she must first be assigned the specific role connected to that information.

These are the available roles in Mobility for Field Service:

  • Admin: This is the superuser role that combines all the permissions of MFS roles.
  • Field Service Manager: This is the role responsible for the resource allocation and coordination of the requested work from the customers dispatched as work order operations to the technician. Coupled with grid access, users with this role can access the Mobility Transaction Manager to track and manage the mobile app transactions processed in M3 Mobility Core.
  • Field Service Technician: This role works only on Mobility for Field Service to process dispatched work orders.