Setting the user defined data for Service Group code field

The Service Group code field is not in the default dialog. Filtering of the service list by Service Group code is only possible using an additional toolbox configuration.

Optionally, use the Service Group code field to sort the list of services in the Create Work Order dialog.

  1. Using M3 Mobility Core Web Toolbox, select System configuration > Dialog design.
  2. Select ServiceAssignment dialog and go to the Dialog layout tab.
  3. On the Dialog Layout tab, select Create Work Order /Create Work Request.
  4. In the Main table directory under Create Work Order, click the sub tables to expand.
  5. Click a service to expand.
  6. Select ServiceGroupCode and click the right arrow button.
  7. Click the ellipsis button again to display Control properties.
  8. Replace the current user defined data with this sample user defined data:
    MFS@DisplayList= {"Col":["Service.Service","Service.Description","Code.GlobalCodeId"],"Tbl":["ServiceFacility","Service","Code"],"Join":[["ServiceID","PrimaryKey"],["ProductStructureTypeCODE","PrimaryKey"]],"Ftr":["Service.ProductID=","Service.ProductID","Service.ServiceGroupCODE="],"Val":["ServiceAssignment.EquipmentProductID","IS NULL","Service.ServiceGroupCODE"],"Op":["OR","AND"],"SetVal":["Service.Service","ServiceFacility.ServiceOrderTypeCODE=ServiceOrderHead.ServiceOrderTypeCODE","Service.Description=ServiceOrderHead.FreeText1","Service.ProductStructureTypeCODE","Service.Description=ServiceOrderHead.Description"],"Pk":"ServiceFacility.ServiceID"}