Setting the user defined data for a dialog column control type

These are the guidelines when defining user-defined data:
  • Make use of 1,012 characters to define a parameter.
  • The parameters string must be in JSON format.
  • Commas and quotes are used for parsing the parameters.
  • The entire parameter must start and end with curly brackets.

The default field parameters are already configured. This procedure is optional.

  1. Using the M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select System configuration > Dialog design.
  2. Select a dialog and go to the Dialog layout tab.
  3. Right-click on as control and select Properties > Set User Defined Data.
  4. Specify the parameters.
  5. Click OK.
    You can set parameters on each control, if needed.
    Note: Not all column controls support the use of parameters in the user defined data. Each column control type can support multiple sets of parameters but you can only define one set of parameters.