Updating settings for Field Service users

Use this procedure to update the settings for Field Service users who have field service technician or field service manager role.

  1. Select User maintenance > User.
  2. From the list of users, select a Mobility for Field Service user.
  3. Select the Field Service tab.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify the identifier for the person who will perform a dispatched work order operation. A technician can refer to a single person or a group of technicians.
    Note: This field is required and must be in uppercase letters.
    Select from the list of warehouses. This is a required field.

    This field indicates the warehouse number in M3. Warehouse is a stock zone which is used to distinguish different geographical locations within a company. The warehouse is used as a planning level for material and production. Stock zones, stock locations, and items are connected to the warehouse.

    Select from the list of warehouse locations.

    This field indicates the location of the selected warehouse. This location can serve as drop off point for material issued to work orders allocated to the technician or materials returned into the inventory which can be allocatable, in order for other technician to use, or non allocatable at all.

    Work center
    Select from the list of service centers.

    This field indicates a work center, which is a resource in which labor operations are performed. A work center can consist of one or more exchangeable machines or people. The work center can also be external and is then defined as a subcontract group.

    Card number
    Used to identify the employee when reporting time using their badges. This is not currently used by the MFS client application.
    Warehouse - item catalogue
    This field sets the default warehouse for the online search against Item Warehouse in the Add Material screen.
  5. Click Save.