Importing users accounts from a file

  1. Select User maintenance > Import users from file.
  2. Select the import file's field delimiter type.
  3. Select Fields enclosed in quotes if the field names are enclosed in quotes.
  4. Select Field headers if your file contains a header.
  5. Click Open file and locate the import file.
  6. Map the User fields with the Import file columns.
  7. Select a field in the User fields table, then select a field in the Import file columns table.
    To set the mapping, click the right arrow.
  8. Click Load file. The contents of the import file are loaded and shown in the Import file rows table.
  9. Select a row in the Import file rows table then click Import. To select multiple adjacent rows, press Shift then click on the rows. To select multiple non adjacent rows, press Ctrl then click on the rows.