Scan to count support in pick and pack functions


Scan to count support in pick and pack functions.


There is a need to be able to count by scanning.


A new scan to count pop-up screen is available in the pick and pack functions. This pop-up screen is triggered when you press the Enter key, when the highlight is positioned in a specific field, or when the detail screen is displayed.

Counting is done by scanning item, item alias, lot, or container. Each time you scan, the quantity counts up by one. Quantity also counts up by more than one when you scan an alias with an alternate unit or a GS1 barcode with a quantity field. Quantity can be either added or subtracted.

When Done is pressed from the scan to count screen, the counted quantity is brought back to the detail screen. All data fields scanned to count is set to confirmed on the detail screen. Done is be automatically triggered when the remaining quantity reaches zero.

New parameters:

  • A. ID n: Scan count. Trigger action (O=Open screen/E=Enter in trigger field/P=Position in trigger field)

  • B. ID n: Scan count. Trigger fields (N=Location;I=Item;L=Lot;C=Container;Q=Quantity)

  • C. ID n: Scan count. Search sequence (I=Item;L=Lot;C=Container;A=Alias;AQ=Alias with qty;E=Enter)

  • D. ID n: Scan count. Force scan lot/container if available (L=Lot/C=Cont/LC=Lot+cont/CL=Cont+lot)

  • E. ID n: Scan count. Auto execute DONE after enter (0=No/1=Yes/2=Yes if remain zero/3=Yes if remain zero or less)

  • F. ID n: Scan count. Allow counted qty to be more than total qty (0=No/1=Yes/2=Prompt)

  • G. ID n: Scan count. Fields to auto confirm when lot is scanned (I=Itm;C=Con)

  • H. ID n: Scan count. Fields to auto confirm when container is scanned (I=Itm;L=Lot)

Net Change ID 6681