Report multiple downtimes in MO Report Operation (MORO) functionality


Report multiple downtimes in MO Report Operation (MORO) functionality.


The current support in reporting machine interruption does not have the option to report the total downtime with different disturbance reasons and to input the actual time it occurred.


Parameter Seq of fields on start interruption detail screen in MO Report Operation has two new values: TD, which stands for total downtime, and DO, which stands for downtime. If parameter is set to these values, multiple downtime reporting will be activated. To control the time input for downtime and the list of disturbance types that will be available to the user, two new parameters were also added.

New parameters:

  • A. MO Report Operation/ID n: List of available disturbance types (e.g. ABC;DEF;GHI)

  • B. MO Report Operation/ID n: Set clock time input field (1=StartTime/2=EndTime/3=CurrentTimeAsEndTime)

Process example:

  1. Using the start/stop functionality, set parameter Seq of fields on start interruption detail screen to desired values including TD and DO. Then, activate new parameter B, setting the value to 1 (start time).

  2. On the initial screen, search for MO operation. Then on the succeeding screens, specify card number and press the blue play button under Interrupt section.

  3. On the detail screen, populate all the necessary fields. Scan 30 minutes for Tot down field. Notice that Downtime field is automatically populated with the same value scanned. For the first downtime occurrence, scan 10 minutes then select a disturbance type.

  4. On the second Downtime field, scan 20 minutes and select a disturbance type.

  5. Press STR INT to report multiple downtimes.


The API that is used to list the available disturbance types is only available in BE version 15.1.2 (JT-633102) or later versions.

Net Change ID 6684