MO main and co-product receipt by predefined lot


Receive MO main or co-product by scanning predefined lot


There is a need to be able to receive MO main and co-product by scanning a unique predefined lot.


New token "LM" is added to parameter A. When data is scanned, this token triggers a search for a lot master record with scanned data as lot, reference order category ‘1’, and reference order number not blank.

If a matching record is found and the lot is already in stock, an error message is displayed to avoid duplicate lot receipts.

The MO and item from the lot master record are used to find the MO to receive against. The item is used to determine if it is a main or co-product.

On the detail screen, the lot field is prepopulated with the scanned lot. Quantity is retrieved from order multiple in MMS002 and the quantity field is prepopulated. Both lot and quantity input fields can be set to read-only using parameter B.

Press Next on the detail screen to report main or co-product receipt, depending on the item.


  • Lot set up in lot master (MMS235) with product number in the item field, MO number in the reference order number field and ‘1’ in the reference order category field

  • Product (main and co) set up in item per warehouse (MMS002) with order multiple (UNMU) populated

Updated parameter:

  • A. MO Report Receipt/ID n: MO operation search sequence

New parameter:

  • B. MO Report Receipt/ID n: Fields to be read-only when prepopulated on detail screen (L=Lot;Q=Qty)

Limitations co-products:

  • No option to report receipt in other way than described above

  • No attribute support

  • No option to enter "included in" or "packaging"

Net Change ID 6675