To support scanning of non-GS1 barcodes in any field


To support scanning of non-GS1 barcodes in any field.


Initial screens and other dialog boxes with input fields do not allow stripping of non-GS1 barcodes.


Added support for scanning non-GS1 barcodes in the these input fields:

  • Picking/Packing’s Zone, Equipment, Picker, Team, Delivery and Suffix fields

  • To Location field in Confirm screen for picking modules

  • Dialog boxes with input fields

List of affected modules:

  • PO Receiving Advanced

  • DO Receiving Advanced

  • Two-Step Putaway Advanced

  • All Picking

  • All Packing

  • Physical Inventory

  • Picking Modules (CO, DO, Replenishment, Work Order, Requisition, and MO)

  • Packing Modules (CO, DO, Requisition, and Work Order)

Note: Configure non-GS1 barcode prefixes using the GS1 Admin Tool found in Settings > Non-GS1-128 Barcode Prefix.
Net Change ID 6686