Special remarks regarding installation and licensing

This product requires a hardware dependent license key.

After the installation, a hardware related Reference Code must be generated using the License Tool that is part of the installation. The reference code is hardware and user account dependent, and in some cases on the user account domain. The reference code must be generated on the dedicated machine. The user account name must be specified into the License Tool.

The generated Reference Code file must be submitted through e-mail to APAC.Keys@Infor.com, EMEA.Keys@Infor.com, or AMER.keys@Infor.com along with these information:

  • Requested product and version
  • Client name and client ID number
  • Client contact name and e-mail address

The Reference Code is used to generate a valid license key that is returned to the contact e-mail address of the client. After you receive the license key from Infor, you must specify this key into your local product program folder to enable the license.