Upgrading Report Manager to 10.1.4

Note: Install the latest patch for before installing the upgrade pack.

The latest patch for Report Manager can be downloaded from the Product Download page through Infor Support Portal.

  1. Run the Upgrade Pack for M3 Report Manager
  2. Specify the installation path.
  3. Read and approve the license terms and conditions.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select all items in the tree select view and click Next.
  6. To configure the SQL database, specify this information:
    SQL Server

    Specify the SQL server.


    Specify the database name used during the installation. If you used the default database name, specify M3ReportManager.


    Specify the database username.


    Specify the database password.


    For regular M3APIs, select mvxapi.

    If you want Report Manager to connect using REST-communication instead of MvxAPI against M3 BE, select M3restAPI.

    Note: If you are using M3restAPI, you must specify a REST URL where the M3 BE REST APIs respond, for example, https://m3businessengine.server.lan:40705/m3api-rest/.
  7. If the REST APIs require an SSL certificate, specify this information:
    Cert path

    Locate the local path of the Report Manager server where the client certificate file exists.

    Cert pwd

    Specify a certification password.

  8. Verify the connection. The connection should be read from the existing web-configuration file, which is a reusable file.

    You should not use OAuth Consumer key and OAuth Secret key.

  9. Click Next to start the installation process.
  10. Click Finish.