Configuring ReportManagerH5

  1. In the menu tree, click ReportManagerH5.
  2. Rename ReportManagerH5 to ReportManagerH5TEST.
  3. Click Bindings. Verify that the binding that is used in ReportManagerH5TEST is the same as the binding of ReportManagerH5. The port is 8081.
  4. Click Basic Settings. Change the physical path from C:\ProgramData\accure\Web\H5\ReportManagerH5 to C:\ProgramData\accure\Web\TEST\H5\ReportManagerH5.
  5. In the menu tree, select ReportManagerH5TEST.
  6. Double-click the Application Settings feature page.
  7. Specify this information:
    Change to MRM_TEST.
    Change to M3TEST.
    Change to http:// webapplication_server :8181/arm.svc.
    Verify that the value is the M3 test API server.
    Verify that the value is the M3 test API port.
  8. Open the Connection Strings feature page.
  9. In the a3TESTEntities field, change the database name to M3ReportManagerTEST within the connection string.