Configuring connectors for both environments

  1. Open the ProgramData of the server \accure\AAP\Resources directory.
  2. Back up the AAP_Connectors.xml file.
  3. Open the AAP_Connectors.xml in Notepad++ or in a similar tool.
  4. Rename the connector name from ACCURE_A3 to MRM_TEST.
  5. Copy the connector XML section with the name MRM_TEST and name it MRM_PROD.
  6. Configure the database node for both of these connectors so that they point to the newly created and renamed Report Manager databases, which are M3ReportManagerPROD and M3ReportManagerTEST.
  7. Perform the same procedure for the M3 connector and the M3_API connector. The names must be M3TEST, M3TEST_API, M3PROD, and M3PROD_API.

    Ensure that they point to the correct M3 environments. The server name, user, password, and port must have the correct data.