Creating multiple databases

After you install Report Manager by using the standard installation package, you will have a database named M3ReportManager on the SQL server.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL server, or connect to the Report Manager SQL server by using a SQL Server Management Studio client.
  2. Create a backup of the M3ReportManager database.
  3. Rename the existing database from M3ReportManager to M3ReportManagerTEST.
  4. Restore the M3ReportManager backup to a new database named M3ReportManagerPROD.
    1. On the General tab, specify this information:
      Select the backup file that you previously created.
      Specify M3ReportManagerPROD.
    2. Click the Files tab.
    3. Copy the LDF file and the MDF file where you want the data and the log files to be located.
    4. Rename the MDF file to M3ReportManagerPROD.mdf.
    5. Rename the LDF file to M3ReportManagerPROD.ldf.
    6. Click OK.