Installing M3 Report Manager Upgrade Setup

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Right-click the M3 Report Manager Upgrade Pack <version>. Select Run as an administrator.

    If Java or any of the .NET features are not detected by the setup file, the Prerequisites Wizards window is displayed. The features that you must install are selected.

  3. Install the prerequisites.
    1. On the Prerequisites page, click Next.

      Java is automatically downloaded from the Oracle website. If the server does not have Internet connection, download and install Java manually.

    2. On the Prerequisites Install page, ensure that the Automatically start installing the main application after finishing the prerequisites install check box is selected.
    3. When prompted to restart the server after installation is complete, click Yes.

      The server is restarted.

  4. In Accure Report Manager, select the Program Installation path. Use the same path where Output Foundation is installed.
  5. Select the check box to verify that Report Manager and the AAP_MultiportServer_10 service are stopped.
  6. Read and approve the license terms and conditions.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select all components of Report Manager Upgrade and click Next.
  9. To configure the SQL database, specify this information:
    SQL Server
    Specify the SQL server.
    Specify the database name used during the base installation. If you used the default database name, specify M3ReportManager.
    Specify the database username.
    Specify the database password.
    Use the default value M3restAPI.
    Use the default value string for this field.
  10. Click Install.
  11. Click Finish.
After the installation, the M3 Report Manager Upgrade Setup runs the database scripts.

If you run this package as an upgrade, you must reinstall the applicable language packs after you install the upgrade setup.

See Installing the Report Manager Language pack.

If prompted, restart the Report Manager server after the upgrade to update the DLL files.