Using LCM 9.1.x to install Report Manager

  1. Locate the rm.SmartOffice10.1.4.x.lawsonapp file from the Report Manager server. See this file path example:
    C:\ProgramData\accure\SmartOffice\M3 Report Manager
  2. Copy the .lawsonapp file to the LCM server.
  3. In LCM, select Admin > Admin View.
  4. Click Upload. Access the rm.SmartOffice10.1.4.x.lawsonapp file and click Open.
  5. Select Actions > Install.
  6. In the Install dialog box, select the current version of Report Manager and click Next.
  7. In the Select instance for component type dialog box, select the applicable Smart Office space and click Next.
  8. In the Summary dialog box, click Finish.
In the Applications space, the Report Manager application is displayed under the Infor Applications node.