Verifying Report Manager 01 configuration

  1. In accure Service Manager, click REPORT MANAGER 01. The Report Manager 01 tab shows the fields containing information that is set by the installation package.
  2. Use the information in this table to configure Report Manager:
    Field Description
    Database source DatabaseServer
    Database name DatabaseName
    Database username DatabaseUser
    Database password DatabaseUser
    Entities metadata=res://*/ModelEventLogger.csdl|res://*/ ModelEventLogger.ssdl|res://*/ModelEventLogger.msl; provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string="Data Source=DatabaseServer;Initial Catalog=Database;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=DatabaseUser;Password=DatabasePwd; MultipleActiveResultSets=True"
    Log level 15
    Debug-XML only no
    Input Directory C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\03ReportManager\Input
    Output Directory C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\03ReportManager\Output
    Temporary Directory C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\03ReportManager\Temp
    XML Stylesheet Path C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\03ReportManager\Layout
    Service log directory C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\03ReportManager\Log
    File Importer no
    File Importer Path C:\ProgramData\accure\ADS\_ARM\05Printlog\Input
    Environment M3 Report Manager Environment
    Input CodePage UTF-8
    Font Xml File C:\Program Files (x86)\accure\Output Foundation\accure Service Manager\ADS Services\Bin\ accureReportManager\fonts.xml
    Save streamfile data yes
    Log cleanup (days) 7
    SMTP Server The default SMTP port is 25. If you do not want to use the default SMTP port, then specify smtp.domain.ocm:4356, where 4356 is the desired port for SMTP.
    SMTP username If the SMTP user is specified, then the SMTP user credentials are used. If this field is left blank, then no authorization is used.
    SMTP password
    Use SSL no
    From email [*FRMAIL]
    To Mail [*TOMAIL]
    Subject [*SUBJECT]
  3. Click Save.