Verifying accure Service Manager configuration

The accure Service Manager contains these services:
  • Service Supervisor
  • AAP_MultiportServer_10
  • Port Stream
  • Port Adhoc
  • Report Manager 01
  • Report Manager 02

The Service Supervisor and Report Manager 01 and 02 services are available only for a new installation, not for an upgrade.

The Service Supervisor supervises the other services and automatically starts them when the server is restarted. If any of the services has stopped, the Service Supervisor sends a notification to the address specified in the Email receiver field.

Two Report Manager services are created by the installation file for load-balancing reasons. These services are run simultaneously.

  1. On the desktop, double-click the accure Service Manager icon to open the application.
  2. On the Service log tab, verify that each service is started:

    If the services do not exist in accure Service Manager, see the Services are not installed by the installation files section in Troubleshooting.

  3. To open and view a log file, select a service and click the Service log tab.