Server access worksheet

During installation, you will be prompted to specify values to access the application server and the database server. Use this worksheet to track the information that is needed for each server.

Server access details Value
Database server access from the Report Manager server
  • DNS name or IP address of the database server
  • Database user name and password
Report Manager server
  • DNS name or IP address of the Report Manager server
  • Local server admin user name and password
M3 connection
  • M3 REST API service SSL port
  • M3 server name
  • M3 database name
  • M3 API port number
  • M3 user name
  • M3 password
  • Path to Grid client certificate file, name of certificate file and certificate password.

    Note: Grid client certificate must have these attributes:

    Keystore Type: p12

    Principal Name: M3BE user

    Roles: M3BE > run-as-m3user

Infor Ming.le connection
  • Logical ID of M3 BE instance in Infor Ming.le
  • Claim type of Person Identifier from Identity Provider (ADFS)
  • Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL of the Identity Provider
  • Thumbprint of the token-signing certificate of Identity Provider (converted to all caps, white spaces removed)
Mail server
  • SMTP server name or IP address