Changing the list box report layout

To add or remove information in a list box, you must change the layout of the list box report. A list box report consists of:
  • A main panel defining the list box
  • A list header panel
  • A list body panel

The main panel is used to create a panel in a window containing a list box and to adjust other necessary controls. The list box is created by using the @@27 function.

The list header and body panels define the contents of the list box. You can define multiple headers and body panels for the same list box, each allocated to a special report.

  • You can check the number of the body panel by holding the [ALT] and [Shift] keys down while the report is being created in the list box. The standard header panel is located just before the body panel in the file.
  • The header and body panels can not contain any @@ functions other than @@6 , and @@22. These are used to filter the output.
  • The header and body panels can not exceed 132 characters.
  • If the header panel is longer than the body panel place underscores at the end of the body panel to give it the same length. The body panel defines the horizontal scroll range.
  • Only one line is allowed in the header and body panels.
  • The data available in the report body panel can often be determined by the @@33 function in the main panel. The function @@33 defines the appropriate help file. In other cases the text in the title bar or comments in the panel file will indicate which data is available.

You can control the size of the list box in the main panel. The width is determined by the field width and the height is set by the @@27 function. It is possible to define the maximum number of allowed lines in the list, which is often 1000 lines. If a given report exceeds 1000 lines, then you can stop it before the maximum is reached or you can nullify the definition and let the process continue to the end.

The following panels are from the PMMACH__.SKM (Work Center Resource) panel file. They illustrate the resource selection panel.