@@42 Positioning columns in list box

In every panel, a certain amount of space is allocated to a list box. This space is consistent with the requirements for the individual fields. An item number requires 25 characters, for example, therefore the list box is provided with enough space for 25 Ws, (where the W character absorbs most of the space available). Because an item number seldom takes much space in the panel, you can decrease the column width by using the @@42 function and still not decrease the actual size of the field.

You must apply the @@42 function to both the main panel and the body panel if you want to move the column header (along with the corresponding data in the column) to a list box. We recommend that you also replace the column header and data to their original position.



         +-C1-+   +-C2-+       +-Cn-+


The following example shows the panel file for weekly production time patterns. To decrease the Monday column by two characters, add the function @@42 to both the main and the body panel.







This operation moves the third column Tuesday two characters to the left. The second column (Monday) decreases by two characters correspondingly.
Note: In addition, the following columns also moves. If you want to avoid this, specify the position of each of the columns in the manner shown below: