@@29 Static control definition

The static control definition is used to define static control in, for example, a group box (shown below). You can create color rectangles where the color is controlled by the field value.



Field ID

The field ID is the direct address to data. The field ID consists of a starting control character followed by a reference number and ends with the ending control character ampersand (&) or a new starting control character.
Note: All control characters are replaced by a space when you display the panel on-screen or print it out.

Field number

The field number defines the position of the field in the panel. You can find the field number by counting from the left to the right and from top to bottom.

You can use the field number to connect a @@ function with a field.
Note: If the field number in the @@ function and the related field do not correspond, the field is as entry field.
Use the starting control characters together with the field number.
Every time a new field is inserted or removed, you must recheck field positions. Therefore, you must use the field reference number or field text functions instead.

Group number

The group number is only important for radio buttons. It determines how the click and unclick of the radio buttons are performed. Radio buttons that are grouped together must have a unique group number greater than zero. To move the cursor focus within a group, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The [TAB] key can be made to jump between groups.
Note: If the group number = 0, then the control will be in its own group. If the group number < 0 the control will has not been created.

Color code

Color includes both the foreground and the background color. The color code is calculated by the using this formula:

Note: The default color can not be changed when using the @@29 - @@32 functions.


The number (7) represents a pale gray background with black text.

The number (0313) represents a dark cyan background with yellow text.

Color code table

Code Color Code Color
00 Black 10 Dark red
01 Red 11 Dark pink
02 Dark green 12 Green
03 Yellow 13 Dark cyan
04 Blue 14 Brown
05 Pink 15 White
06 Cyan 16 Light green
07 Pale gray 17 Pale green
08 Dark gray 18 Default list box yellow
09 Dark blue 19 Light yellow

Relative character position

This function defines a relative character position as it relates to a current character position. If no value is given, the character position is defined as the current character position.

Relative line position

This function defines the relative line position as it relates to the current line position. If no value is given the position is defined as the current line position.

Control attributes

Control character Description
FF Foreground color frame. The color code is taken from the field.
FR Foreground color rectangle. The color code is taken from the field.
G Group box
I Icon
TL Text, left aligned
TR Text, right aligned
TC Text, centered


Defines the static control height (lines) in standard characters.