@@38 Colors and bar graphs in list boxes

The @@38 function is used to convert character strings (typically letters) into plain text, bitmaps or icons. It is most commonly used in list boxes. For example, in the Machine View list box, information can be displayed using colors and bar graphs instead of only in numbers.

This function can be of assistance in obtaining a quick overview of the contents of a list box. The @@38 function can be introduced in two different ways dependent on the type of representation you choose, that is, substitution, color, bar graph representing percent, and so on. Refer to the examples below for further detail.

Syntax (Type = 0 )

--@@38-;-Field Number-;-Type=0-;-Data Reference-;--

---Data value-;-Text-;-------;----------;

                       + | +   +-Text-+

Syntax (Type > 0)

--@@38-;-Field Number-;-Type>0-;-Attribute-;