Guidelines in AppStream

These topic provides guidelines on how to log-off from PWB and how it impacts the open sessions in AppStream.

  • If PWB is in the main menu, all index files and other files are closed to make it safe. It is alright to close a session or tab without signing out.
  • If PWB is not in the main menu and you close session or tab while changing a data where the index is updated, for example, creating a new color-coding definition and so on, the index files are affected. PWB will automatically try to fix the index time stamp issues. An index warning is displayed.
  • PWB has a 15-minute timeout. You will return to the main menu if there is no activity.
  • If you close a session or tab and restart PWB from the M3 menu, the same session is restarted because AppStream has its own timeout on when to close an AppStream session.
  • If you select End session in AppStream, the session is also closed as an AppStream session.
  • If you restart PWB, a new AppStream image is used.
  • A message is displayed that AppStream is closing the PWB session, but primarily if you click End session to restart PWB.
  • When PWB is started, an AppStream image is launched. If a No streaming resources AppStream message is displayed, this means that AppStream is preparing a new image. You have to wait for a few minutes to start PWB.
Note: If you are doing education for multiple users while using multiple PWB sessions, it is recommended to start the PWB sessions one by one before the education starts to give AppStream time to prepare new images.