Set operation status (OPRSTATUS)

The definition of the fields sent with the action are as follows:
Action type OPRSTATUS
Action group
Company CONO K
Macro ord type MOTY K
Macro ord no MONO K
Struct seq no SEOP K
Sequencing sts SEQS R
For start date FRCD R
For start time FRCT R

The implementation sets the status (M3 PWB status) and the forced start/stop on the pinpointed operation for all supply chains/orders aggregated into that operation. These fields are used in M3 PWB for planning purposes.

The action is implemented in this way:
  1. Look-up orders and supply chains aggregated into the selected operation through table MMAODR (information displayed in the function "Macro order detailed Relations", RPS304).
  2. Set the fields Sequencing status, forced start and stop to the sent values.