File database transfer

The data transfer between external database and M3 PWB can be managed using file transfer. File transfer provide the advantage of flexible definition or mapping. File transfer uses the PSFI.DLL to communicate with the external text files.

Variables in the M3 PWB PSFI INI file

These variables defined in the M3 PWB INI file PSFI.INI file are used by the PSFI.DLL:
  • Error=yes/no, Logging of errors (yes/no)
  • Warning=yes, Logging of warnings (yes/no)
    Note: If this option is set to yes, you might get a large number of known warnings, which can be time consuming.
  • Timer=2, Performance measurements, values (1-9). Bitwise activated.
    • 1 = Total time used in all
    • 2 = Time for substitution
    • 3 = Time for initialization of substitution
  • Clear=yes/no Set to yes, the log is cleared every time APP is started.