Migrating to AppStream

Follow these steps to migrate to PWB in AppStream.
  1. On the existing PWB 16.1.0, select System > System Information > Status.
    Verify if Used data capacity (MB) is below 750 MB. On AppStream, the limit is 1 GB.
  2. Select System > Schedule Versions.
  3. Select version 1 then right-click and select Compress.
  4. Ensure that the selection is cleared on the three options.
  5. Click Save as.
    Save the zip file on your computer and specify the name containing the ID of the warehouse group or similar relevant name.
  6. On the AppStream menu, click My Files > Temporary Files.
  7. On Temporary Files, drag and drop the Schedule Version zip file.
  8. On PWB, click System > Schedule Versions.
  9. Click Import.
  10. On Source, select Temp folder.
  11. Select the zip file and click Open.
If you are setting up PWB for the first time, follow the steps in Setting up AppStream. You must specify the ION API JSON Authentication again for security purposes. It is omitted when exporting a Schedule Version.

Customer modified parameter file and panel files

There is no fixed migration for project modifications. The standard process is to recreate a customer modification.

If the previous modified parameter file is from PWB 16.1.0, you can reuse the previous parameter file. The consequence is that you cannot use the new PWB functionality, which depends on changes in the parameter file, as the information is missing. It is recommended to have assistance when deciding if you can reuse the parameter file modification.

You can reuse the customized panel files for simple panel modifications. It is recommended to have assistance when deciding if you can reuse the panel modification.

Migrating from RDWeb

The RDWeb is setup with five icons that is intended for five different warehouse groups. In this case, you must start each PWB icon and compress the schedule version. Specify the name containing ID of the warehouse group or similar relevant name for the zip file. It is easier to import the zip file into AppStream if the correct zip file is selected.

Follow the steps in migrating PWB in AppStream. You can start PWB in AppStream and upload the relevant zip file to AppStream then PWB imports the zip file. You can now have the same setup in RDWeb for the warehouse group.

Migrating from PWB 15.1.6 or older versions

You can migrate from PWB 15.1.6 or older version by compressing the schedule version to a zip file. The zip file is converted to PWB 16.1.0 format using a tool included in the application.

After conversion, you can import the converted zip file to PWB AppStream.

Migrating customer modified parameter file and panel files from PWB 15.1.6 or older version is not recommended, because of the changes to PWB 16.1.0. You can recreate the customization instead.